Met de handen in de 'wol'!


Dear customers,

You know by now that I ambe very transparent – not just about the concrete manufacturing process from Leselles, but also about undertake and the corresponding ups and downs I am from the beginningbeen open and honest. That is why I also want to share this setback with you honestly. Together we may be stronger search for a solution!?

I went for it in September of this year Leselles looking for aadditional producer Portugal. You are enthusiastic about our knitwear – and here we areso grateful to! - so we would like to continue to meet your demand.

To give you an idea of the production time: one scarf takes 45 minutes to knit. Count it therewashing, dry cleaning, labeling and packing and you can quickly calculate for yourself how many (or how few) pieces of Leselles we can produce per day.An additional producer could solve this problem.

We found a reliable partner, who replenished our stock of scarves and pulls last week.

But notevery new step runs smoothly.e.
How great was the disappointment when it turned out that the fit of the Juliette pull was different. The sweater is wider (12 cm round) and has a wider board (6 cm) so we don't just use the ‘our size fits all fit that you already know can apply. So more of a big M or L. The quality of the mohair wool identical like all our other pieces, and also technical the sweaters are perfectly fine, but the new fit means that we have to switch gears..

To be fair: I lost the north for a while. The pulls meet all standards in terms of quality, but are rather large than our size in terms of fit.
Did I have to do everythingrefuse, return, or we look for a solution together?

Maybe I can from one ‘error' something whole positive by focusing mainly on women with size large withthis particular collection. Maybe I can get an audience that the Juliette you may find too narrow or too cramped in normal design, make you happy now?

In the meantime, we will of course make every effort to ensure that the‘regular Juliette sweater produce again as soon as possible. .