With hands in the 'wool'!

Dear customers,

You now know that I am very transparent - not only about the concrete production process of Leselles, but also about entrepreneurship and the associated ups and downs, I have been open and honest from the start. That is why I would like to honestly share this setback with you – together we may be stronger in the search for a solution! ?

In September of this year I started looking for an additional producer in Portugal for Leselles . You are enthusiastic about our knitwear – and we are so grateful for that! - so we would like to continue to meet your demand.

To give you an idea of ​​the production time: a scarf requires 45 minutes of knitting time. Add to that the washing, steaming, labeling and packing , and you quickly calculate how many (or how few) pieces of leselles we can produce per day. An additional producer could solve this problem.

We found a reliable partner who replenished our stock of scarves and pullovers last week.

But not every new step goes smoothly.
How great was the disappointment when it turned out that the fit of the Juliette pull was different. The sweater is wider (12 cm around) and has a wider collar (6 cm), which means that we cannot simply apply the 'our size fits all' fit that you already knew to this collection. So more of a large M or L. The quality of the mohair wool is identical to all our other pieces, and the sweaters are also technically in perfect order, but the 'new' fit means that we have to switch gears.

To be honest: I lost my way for a while. The pulls meet all quality standards, but in terms of fit they are rather large than 'our size'.
Should I refuse everything, send it back , or do we look for a solution together?

Maybe I can turn a 'mistake' into something very positive by focusing mainly on women with size large with this specific collection. Maybe I can now please an audience that might find the Juliette in normal version too narrow or too cramped?

In the meantime, we will of course do everything we can to re-produce the 'normal' Juliette sweater as quickly as possible. .