My passion project

leselles is my passion project, born from my deep love for fashion and my obsession with scarves. My name is Liesbet Allaer, and I am an entrepreneur from Denderhoutem, infused with a lifetime of experience in the fashion and retail world. In 2019, I realized my dream by creating leselles, a knitwear label bursting with color and character. For me, Leselles is not just about garments; it's a story of femininity, color, and sustainability. With Leselles, I have a goal in mind: to create a world where fashion not only looks beautiful but also makes a difference. Every piece I design tells a story of reuse, where leftovers of mohair wool are given new life in unique and timeless designs.


Our mission

Making the world-or at least yours-a little more beautiful. Warmer, more pleasant, softer, more personal, more feminine,.... in short 'more you'!

Where fashion and ethics meet

As an entrepreneur, I strive for more than just commercial success. I want to make a difference in the world of fashion, by setting a new standard for ethical production and craftsmanship. Each scarf and sweater from leselles is lovingly made on European soil, as a tribute to my dedication to quality and sustainability.

leselles symbolizes my vision of fashion - a world where passion, color and ethics come together to create something special. For me, leselles is not just a label, it is an expression of who I am and what I stand for. With leselles, I invite you to be part of making a positive change in the world together.

A personel note

I began knitting quality mohair leftovers into beautiful creations, such as "Jille" and "Helene," named after my daughters. I remain personally involved in selecting colors and ensuring quality, giving each piece a unique and carefully crafted character.

leselles stands out for its scarves and sweaters designed in Belgium which are produced in Italy and Portugal, and are made from high quality leftover wool.

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