Take care of your scarf: six rules of thumb

In addition to knitwear, durability is our highest priority, which is why we would like to give you a few rules of thumb for the maintenance of your Leselles scarf or sweater. In this way we ensure that the second life of your piece lasts extra long.t.

1 Small washes, large washes

Feel free to put them in the washing machine. Provided that it is equipped with a fine washing program, that is. Your knitwear is washed at a low temperature (20-30) and without heavy spinning (max. 600 rpm). It is important that you do not stuff the washing drum too full, the knitwear needs space to soak..

2 Handicrafts!

No fine wool washing program to be found on your washing machine. Then it is safe to say that and wash your scarf by hand. 

Fill a sink or bath with some lukewarm water and add a small amount of detergent. Baby shampoo is also a good idea! Let your scarf soak gently (don't rub it) and rinse well with lukewarm water. Wring out very gently to keep the shape of your scarf..

3 Know what you soak in

Choose a suitable detergent for wool. This is specially developed so as not to damage the fine fibres. Also, avoid using too much detergent as it can linger in your knitwear and leave an unsavory odor in the long run. Fabric softener is also not necessary.

4 General drying cabinet ban

Our knitwear and the dryer are not a good marriage. Dry your scarf flat on a towel after washing. Do not hang your scarf on a coat rack, as this may stretch the fibers.

The iron is also not a good friend of your scarf: you can remove stubborn creases at most by moving the iron a few centimeters above your scarf - the heat will make the folds disappear by themselves. A steamer is a safe alternative.

5 Is washing really necessary?

Less washing extends the life of your knitwear. If your scarf is not dirty, but it smells less fresh, opt for a linen spray, or hang your scarf outside on a coat rack for a while. A few hours of fresh air can do wonders..

6 Breathe in, breathe out

If your knitwear is dry and wrinkle-free, put it neatly folded and horizontally in the closet. Make sure that your clothes don't pack too much and that the fabric gets enough oxygen so that it can breathe..